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This project is part of the $25 million of National Landcare Programme investment that Local Land Services is delivering to boost farm gate productivity and improve environmental health across NSW.


The project is also supported by the National Landcare Programme – Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants Round. The funding helps boost our capability to deliver the seasonal forecast reports and training and development opportunities for local landholders to better interpret and utilize the reports.

Tablelands Farming Systems

Tablelands Farming Systems is a group of predominantly farmer members from the NSW southern tablelands region interested in locally-relevant applied research and sustainable best practice agriculture.


The group owns or manages close to 63,000 hectares of farmland in the region, with livestock-only members making up 80 per cent of members and a further 17 per cent identifying as cropping and livestock producers.


Since its establishment in 2014, members have reported that their TFS membership had helped grow their farm business bottom line by an average $11,500, to as high as $20,000. In addition to memberships, TFS receives funding support from the State and Commonwealth Governments through the National Landcare Programme and Local Land Services.


For more information about Tablelands Farming Systems, visit the website or email

Monaro Farming Systems Inc.

The MFS group was established in 2007 by a progressive group of local innovative producers with Industry support with an aim to build capacity and continuous improvement in the Monaro grazing industry.  Over the previous eight years, MFS has grown from strength to strength and now consists of 63 farm businesses which equates to over 200 individuals. With strong, professional leadership from the ground up it has been able to secure over $700,000 in project funding covering several core focus areas which include soil management and fertility, pasture improvement, enterprise comparative analysis, genetic improvement and farm business growth.


The MFS group collectively manages 123,988 hectares on the Monaro and is responsible for approximately 45% of total production.  Members run approximately 375,500 sheep and 25,000 head of cattle, produce on average 1,875,845kg of wool per year and turn off over 2,500,000 kg of sheep meat and 4,207,000 kg of beef annually.

The membership base runs several enterprises including wool (93% of members), beef (69%), meat sheep (52%), cereal (31%) and producers growing other crops (28%).


MFS is managed by a Board of seven directors, made up of producer members and Industry representatives and employs one part-time Project Coordinator based in the Bombala Office.

For more information about Monaro Farming Systems Inc, visit the website

Local Land Services

Local Land Services (LLS) was established under the Local Land Services Act 2013 to provide quality, customer ­focused services to landholders and the community across New South Wales.


Local Land Services works with land managers and the community to improve primary production within healthy landscapes and assist rural and regional communities to be profitable and sustainable into the future. Local Land Services provides primary production advice, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management functions through 11 local regions across the state.

Key functions of Local Land Services are:

  • provision of resources, incentives, training, information and advice
  • protecting NSW from invasive animal and plant species, and livestock and plant diseases
  • working with communities to better manage our water, land, soil, vegetation, biodiversity and cultural heritage
  • connecting people, organisations, funding and information and facilitating productive collaborations and partnerships
  • provision of the latest advice and information that delivers against triple bottom line outcomes.


The South East region, located in south­east NSW, covers an area of 55,600 km2 from north of Wollongong, Crookwell and Boorowa to the Victorian border in the south. The region also extends three nautical miles out to sea to the east, including 673 km of coastline (40% of the NSW coast). The economic prosperity of the South East region is dependent on natural resources, which support agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, fishing and tourism. Further information about South East Local Land Services can be found at: