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Southern Soil Moisture Network



The project equips producers in south-east NSW with quality and timely seasonal information to give them confidence in decision making. It is proven that increased landowner confidence, through access to accurate and localised seasonal data, enables timely decisions which directly benefits the landscape and farming businesses.


Project Aim

To establish a network of soil moisture probes across the Southern Tablelands and Monaro region. To use generated data to measure and guide management decisions.



Fourteen remote logging soil capacitance probes were installed around the regions, strategically placed to take into account geographic spread, soil type, topography, climatic conditions and rainfall.



  • Real time data from each probe location is available via this website, including a site description and photos.
  • Bi-annual Seasonal Forecast reports are developed which provide a comprehensive analysis of predicted grass growth and utilisation for key times across the season. These reports use the soil moisture, temperature and rain data, combined with GrassGro modelling to predict pasture growth patterns.
  • Training, development and information sessions are available to Tablelands Farming Systems, Monaro Farming Systems and the general public to better inform land holders on how to use the information as well as discuss patterns and trends gleaned from the data.

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